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Auto Trim Recoating

These are demonstration videos of our recoating process. SEM is a leading manufacturer of innovative paints, adhesives and coating products. This product is OEM recommended and their coating products are highly rated and I've been using them sense 1992. I re-coated over 900 Audi and BMW vehicle bumpers, moldings, mirrors and other parts in the Port of Wilmington. The German inspectors signed off on every unit I repaired including the 450 vehicles that were repaired from Industrial Epoxy paint overspray damage. We offer our customers, contactors and insurance companies a 25% discount on re-coating vehicles. When we recoat trim parts, mirrors, bumper covers, front grills, bed covers, window moldings and luggage racks, we save our customers thousands per vehicle verses replacing these parts. We are the only company that has demonstration videos of our recoating process. For more of our work simply Google, how to remove Epoxy paint overspray damage and then hit videos.

Recoating Chevy truck using OEM recommended SEM products

Recoating Hellcat molding parts with OEM recommended SEM products