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Our Process

At National Overspray Removal Services, we have developed a unique overspray removal process that no other company provides.

The overspray paint removal process involves:

  1. We only use the best proven products including Auto Magic, Meguiars, and 3M.
  2. High-quality machinery to repair your vehicle from any type of overspray damage.
  3. Photo ID's of our employees are provided on every claim. "You'll know who's handling your vehicle!"
  4. A well-written and video-recorded pre-existing damage report while the owner of the vehicle is present.
  5. A complete examination of the vehicle by the owner, which is then locked and secured by the owner in order to ensure that no one will be driving it while under repair.
  6. Repair, removal, and restoration is never done under direct sunlight so that no further weather damage occurs during our cleaning process.
  7. The vehicle is thoroughly washed and waxed in order to remove any foreign substances before the cleaning process begins.
  8. Depending on the severity of the damage, we will either use the clay bar from Auto Magic or utilize one of our other innovative cleaning methods on the vehicle.
  9. Once the overspray is removed from the paint, glass and trim moldings, we then polish every piece of the vehicle until it sparkles.
  10. We then remove any additional fallout, such as hard water stains and industrial chemicals. Other companies avoid this step.
  11. We only use the finest brand-name products available, which have been tested on millions of vehicles.
  12. We never use any harsh chemicals, compounds or solvents in order to repair a vehicle.
  13. All materials used have a “materials safety data sheet” in order to prove that they have been properly tested for safety.
  14. After repairs have been completed to the owner’s satisfaction, a standard release form is signed.

For questions about our overspray removal process or to talk directly with an overspray removal specialist, give us a call: 713-492-3924 or send us an e-mail: